Summer, You're mine again

By Louise Sukle
Editor & Publisher
Woman Newspapers

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” - Henry James

It’s no accident the theme for the summer issue of Woman is “Mind, Body and Soul.” I connect deeply to the beauty of the season. I celebrate it’s light and warmth. I celebrate the food. Longing for summer seeps into my consciousness well before central Pennsylvania shakes free from the grip of winter.

Right now, I’m fantasizing about what my perfect summer afternoon will be. There’s the busy, to-do stuff like planting flowers and visiting the local farmer’s market for the evening’s meal. Then there’s the leisurely afternoon nap, reading a gripping mystery, dinner on the porch.

I’m longing to lose track of time under the the shade of a poolside umbrella and I’m mentally assembling my props:

My Drink: A salty margarita with wedge of lime and lots of ice.

My Book: Sophie Hannah’s The Dead Lie Down (put her books on your summer reading list!)

My Snack: Cheddar cheese and Triscuits

My Sounds: Bird songs and the faintest jazz coming from my living room window.

My Smells: The last of the spring irises still in bloom, fresh-cut grass, Coppertone.

My Thoughts: Nothing. Everything. OK, it’s hard for me to mute my restless brain. There’s a non-stop loop of sorting, classifying, replaying, wishing, dreaming, fixating. My goal will be to let it all recede into the background and let summer wash over me.

It’s the lounging I love most but in the big picture, eating comes in a close second. What’s not to love about fresh picked corn and thick slices of tomatoes? Ooooo, the taste of summer and happy memories encapsulated. (I share a family recipe with a lot of happy memories in the recipe section.)

Of course, finding just one perfect vision of summer becomes tricky if I sift through everything on my list. But for this moment, the to-do list is sometime in the future. Now is perfect. And isn’t that the point?