PUBLISHER'S NOTE - July/Aug 2017

A taste for adventure


By Louise Sukle

There are very few places my wanderlusting heart doesn’t fantasize about seeing - but because I’m a creature of habit, when I find somewhere I like I have the urge to settle in. I don’t have a lengthy bucket list of places I must visit before I die, but I do have a bucket list of ways I want to live until I die. When I visit any new place, I’m filled with images of how, exactly, I would live in a cottage on the wild coast of Oregon, a bungalow on the beach, or, maybe a loft apartment in a trendy city.

I am learning that for me, travel isn’t about checking off the boxes. It’s about transporting myself to another way of living. I want to step outside my little world and connect with other ways of life. I want to taste the food, learn the customs and lose myself, at least for a little while. What I don’t want is America-lite.

I’ve categorized my travels by what I put in my belly for as long as I can remember. Ask me, “So, how was your vacation?” and I’ll likely tell you what I ate. And I always come home with a resolve to recreate what I experienced.

I’d love to travel as much as I want, wherever and whenever I want, but I admit that I enjoy the stability of a routine pay check, having a home base and other benefits that come along with my job. For now, the kitchen is a place where I can satisfy my wanderlust without ever having to leave my house. So until I have the leisure time for travel, let’s get cooking, my friends!