Won't you lend a hand

Help shape libraries' future?


The Cumberland County Library System (CCLS) is forming a Futures Task Group (FTG) to generate ideas to guide the library system into the future.

"This group will explore opportunities for the county’s libraries to serve a changing community through new information landscapes," noted Carolyn Blatchley, Executive Director. "Potential topics the task force may be asked to pursue include choices in new media technologies; best practices for gathering and distributing information for large, diverse audiences; and the best tools to provide interesting, engaging content to our communities, which will educate, inform and enhance the quality of life for County residents."

Once identified, the FTG will make recommendations to the Library System Board of Directors and the Cumberland County Commissioners.

Bletchley added community members who think in broad and creative ways are encouraged to apply for appointment. The Library System Board and the County Commissioners will select nine Futures Task Group members from those who express interest. Click here for a brief form by July 10.

Cumberland County’s public libraries provide the citizens with access to a wide-range of reading, informational, educational, cultural, and entertaining resources and programming. Visitors can browse and borrow an extensive collection of books, DVDs, and more. In addition, our public libraries serve as the hub for intergenerational programming and learning opportunities for both young and old. 

More information on the Cumberland County Library System can be found at by clcking here.