My success story

Gaining the confidence to continue


Hi, my name is Lakeisha. I am a mother of three residing in Dauphin County. After making it out of a domestic violence situation I found myself unemployed, with very few options as far as getting back to work.

I didn’t drive, so transportation was a big issue. I have a toddler that I couldn’t afford daycare for, and no professional clothing to even think about going on an interview in. I ended up having to go to my local county assistance office for help.

They helped me with the childcare and sent me to job training at my local CareerLink and that’s when my star began to shine a little bit brighter. CareerLink helped me score an interview at a job with pay that would help to catch up on my past due bills and take care of my family.

They also referred me to Dress for Success for interview clothing. The clothes there were very, very, nice and the staff was even better. They were amazing at finding clothing to fit my body type. They gave me a pants suit that I felt like a million bucks in as well as other professional clothing, shoes, and accessories to complete each look.

I wore the suit to the interview... and aced it! I felt so confident, pretty, and professional knowing I looked appropriate for the meeting. After being hired, I was able to go back to Dress for Success for clothes to work in. I got more shoes, more clothes, more accessories, and a PANDORA bracelet as a gift for getting the job.

I went from a dead-end position doing debt-collection to working for Commonwealth of PA helping people dig themselves out of hard situations.

It’s amazing what a good outfit can do for you!