Taking down China's Goliath

Anti-gay internet ban smashed


An all-out “call to arms” by China’s LGBT’s community slayed the giant nation’s anti-gay internet ban.

China's Twitter-like thing, Sina Weibo, banned gay content on April 13. The repercussions were immediate and severe.

In response to Weibo’s actions Chinese LGBTs sprang into action. They complained to company headquarters. They called on people to sell stock. They created a gay hashtag that was seen 2.4 billion times. They contacted media and got lots of stories written. (Even People's Daily criticized the move.) They were preparing lawsuits.

As a result Weibo caved on April 17 and - No more gay ban.

Weibo has 400 million active monthly users and is the 21st-most-visited site on the planet (and eighth-most-visited in China). Weibo said it intended to "ensure a clear and harmonious society and environment" and comply with cybersecurity laws.