i have questions

By Lisa Houserman
Woman Newspapers

It’s been a while since I penned my thoughts in this space. I had computer problems and couldn’t submit any kind of column, but things have returned to normal - or as normal as it gets in this home. During my downtime, I had time to ponder a couple of questions.

I’m wondering why couples who have made a reasoned choice not to become parents go on to treat household pets like offspring. Now, before you think I’m insensitive, I’m referring to those who insist on dressing their dog-child in all sorts of strange, nondog- like costumes. The unfortunate smaller breeds can often be found ensconced in a large purse or, heaven forbid, in an actual baby buggy, donning baby attire or some such nonsense.

I just don’t get this whole craze. I know it’s none of my concern whether Mr. and Mrs. Jones decide to become “dog parents.” Personally, I simply don’t have the energy to walk a dog and dress him, too.

Allow me to touch on another subject in which questions are generally taboo, and that is religion. 

Why is it acceptable to question people about all sorts of subjects like their political views, favorite football team, philosophical outlook, etc., but NOT religious beliefs? Why can’t I simply ask a person why he or she holds a particular position in terms of a higher power? This is very puzzling to me. 

I’ve posed such a question to many close friends. With some, I’ve had respectful conversations. I have to tip my hat to my mother. She always tries her best to answer all of my inquiries pertaining to her faith. And actually, my boss is very patient under my emphatic interrogation and does his best to clarify his religious beliefs.

However, there are some for whom any kind of inquiry concerning their beliefs leads them to flee to avoid my supposed “faith shaking” question.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume people of any faith should be prepared to share why they believe what they believe. Shouldn’t we all be comfortable enough in our beliefs that we are able to readily enlighten others? Why are some religious people so terrified of a simple question? It’s as if they’re afraid their faith will be stripped away if they are caught analyzing it.

So, that’s my questions for the day. I actually have to dash now. I must purchase an outfit for the Jones’s new four-legged arrival. Along the way, perhaps I’ll corner an unsuspecting pastor. Wish me well...or not.