going natural

By Brenda Tadych
Woman Newspapers

I’d read many credible accounts of successful whole body-focused treatments for any number of conditions and I was convinced alternative medicine was something I wanted to investigate further.  Treatments taking into consideration a person’s entire body sounded logical, and I decided to take the plunge.   
I’d been intrigued with this form of treatment ever since I had something called electrodermal screening (diagnosing health problems by measuring electrical resistance and polarization at acupuncture points) at a wellness expo. I was amazed that this test could accurately determine as much as it did by simply placing a device on odd parts of my hand and fingers.
 Prior to my foray into wellness, I had gone through an entire year of working a plethora of part-time and temporary jobs. My eating and exercise habits were nil. I went from tired legs due to standing all day to swollen legs from sitting all night. I developed an annoying digestive issue, too.  
I didn’t want a pill - I wanted to know how to prevent the problems in the first place. That decision started my three-phase health quest, with the goal of improving my overall well-being as naturally as possible with as much education and hands-on experience as I could accumulate. 
In this column, I’ll discuss Phase 1: My pilgrimage into the world of naturopathy.
 At my first appointment with the group I met at a wellness expo, I filled out several pages of information designed to elicit an accurate mental and physical assessment. The doctor spent a good deal of time going over each and every question. She also did the usual weigh in and blood pressure check. The readings taken during the appointment and the one afterward registered in the Stage 1 Hypertension level. A second and third reading was taken at my request because I was sure their equipment was faulty! How could my blood pressure be what it was and I couldn’t feel it? I added hypertension to my list of ailments to improve with natural medicine. 
The appointment lasted about one and a half hours, and included a saliva test which measured my body’s acidity and alkalinity (that’s pH level in common terms) and another electrodermal screening.
With the tests and assessments over, the doctor then recommended I begin using four of their products which included a multivitamin, dermal creams, and a digestion aid. She made her recommendation based solely on her examination of me, not on an average of all women, and I was willing to trust her.   
I’ll be honest, one of the main reasons I hadn’t considered naturopathy before is because it is not covered by traditional medical insurance. The consultation and products cost me $315 but I felt hopeful and determined that it damn well better be worth it.
 Fast forward one month. I was feeling more alive and less tired on a daily basis. However, I wish the liquid vitamin had a warning label on it because this stuff looked, smelled and tasted like, well, vomit. I had to hold my nose while I drank, swished for 30 seconds, then swallowed it.  
 The dermal creams were to assist with my adrenal and hormonal imbalances. I applied them to the tops of my feet, my throat or the undersides of my forearms, where my skin was thinnest. Not only was I less tired, but didn’t feel the two o’clock crash where I wanted to slip into the restroom at work and take a nap.
 I started off taking a digestion pill before every meal, then weaned it down to only before a heavy starch meal. I also discovered that red food, red sauces and red drinks were the triggers for my digestion malaise. 
After three months of my naturopathy regime, I no longer have the mid-afternoon drag. I hardly need the digestion aids at all now, but I occasionally take one if I eat a few heavy meals in the same day. I wasn’t able to lower my blood pressure consistently, so I went to my family doctor. A small dosage of traditional blood pressure medicine now keeps it under control. 
My bodily conversions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates are in sync. My adrenal glands are functioning well and my hormones are secreting as much as they should. Absorptions, releases, stimulations and suppressions are happening like fine-tuned mechanisms. 
Now that my glands, tracts, hormones and I are one big happy family, it’s time to take on the next phase of my journey to well-being. Next column, Phase 2: My month with a personal trainer (good times!) Stay tuned.