Out of Hibernation

I've been such a writing slacker these past few months; I guess I must've hibernated for the winter. It was cold, the world was gray, I was unmotivated...

But, now that spring is finally here, we all can get outside, make the garden grow, and soak up some much needed sunshine. 

We've been busy here lately. I planted the vegetable garden once the weather broke, and Troy has been busy adding on to the girls' swing set. We decided that new swings and a bigger clubhouse would be a better birthday present for them than more Shopkins and Barbie shoes to get misplaced or sucked up in the sweeper. Maya and Charley have both been helping move boards and fetch the hammer and Maya is amazed that her dad "built this without any directions!!".

The most exciting thing to happen was that Maya, our 8-year-old with Type 1 diabetes, got a continuous glucose monitor. It attaches to her arm with a tiny sensor, checks her blood sugar every five minutes, and sends that number to us on our phones. Before, she used to poke her finger 10-12 times a day - now she does it only twice, to make sure the numbers match up. It even has an alarm on the phone to let me know if her number gets too low. Whether she is at school or playing at a friend's, at any given moment, I can see her blood sugar number. A huge reassurance and relief! 

No more wondering, no more holes on her little fingers from constant checks, no more sleepless nights. I had no idea the amount of stress and worry that I was carrying around with me every minute since her diagnosis in August 2014. I was driving home from school after getting her all set up and I felt the weight lifted off of my shoulders, and I cried. 

That's what moms do, though, right? We take all of the burden on ourselves, in hopes that our children won't ever have to worry - and we don't even think twice.  

To say we are looking forward to summer is an understatement. Playing outside and dinner on the patio and going for walks and a trip to the beach and staying up late, are all my idea of perfection; let's hope it doesn't go by too fast.