Farmer Katie

I am a farmer. I love to make my garden grow and go out to the yard every night to pick dinner. Each Spring, I anxiously check the weather for the first signs that I can get to work. 

This year, winter forgot to show up until March, so I was running out of patience (I guess this was the trade off for making gravy for the Christmas turkey with the air conditioning running). 

I take my garden pretty seriously and being the hippie that I am, I have a compost bin and a rain barrel. Making my own dirt and free water?? Sign me up! I love to feel the sun on my shoulders and see my hard work pay off. The girls are great helpers, too, and they will pick peas and cherry tomatoes right off the vines and eat them. 

When the overnight temperatures started creeping up, we hit the local nurseries for cold crop veggies: broccoli, spinach, lettuce, kale. We added more dirt and compost, and turned the soil. I laid the veggies out so they were in perfect, symmetrical rows, and admired my hard work. Every morning, I would look out, applaud my perfect green rows and smile. 

And then the bunnies came. They thought it was a smorgasbord laid out just for them, and ate EVERYTHING. This must be what Mr. McGregor felt like with Peter Cottontail. 

And then, to add extra insult, it snowed the first week of April and got down to the 20s every night for a week. 


Thankfully, Troy is handy and he built me fencing to go around the garden beds, and I went and bought new veggies, even finding celery this time. The April showers came and most of the lettuce and the kale have grown back. My garden is full of perfect green little rows once again! 

It's still cool outside, so the tomatoes, peppers and zucchini will have to wait. Patience is not my strong suit, but the garden is well worth it.