n 2003, Press And Journal Publications introduced Woman, a bi-monthly newspaper that has become one of central Pennsylvania's leading women's lifestyle publications. Entertaining, informative and uplifting, Woman Newspapers and WomanNewspapers.com is a 24/7 destination for women who want to get motivated, stay informed, and be connected with others who are striving to live their best lives.


Louise Sukle
Editor & Publisher

Louise Sukle fell under the spell of newspaper publishing straight out of high-school. With no plan on joining the family business, she unexpectedly discovered a passion for newsprint when she was offered a part time job at the Press And Journal.

She apprenticed with her mother, father, grandfather and uncle who inspired and nourished her appreciation for community journalism and newspaper design. In 1994 she and her husband Joe purchased the business and continued the family legacy. Together they expanded the business to include six publications and corresponding internet sites and a commercial printing operation, currently employing over 30 people. 

While she has performed almost every task at the newspaper (except for running the press) her first love remains design.  An unapologetic print enthusiast, she loves nothing more than the anticipation of the next issue and the promise of new and exciting voices. 

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Dave Brown
Advertising Manager

Dave Brown is proud to be helping Press And Journal Publications build on a 160-year record of achievement that is nothing short of legendary. Since coming on board in 1999, he has played a leading role in adding several new publications: Woman NewspapersLittle Pink PagesCentral VoiceLGBT Pages and Caregiver's Guide in addition to managing sales for the weekly community newspaper, Press And Journal. With over 28 years of sales experience in a variety of industries including newspapers and special publications, Dave's unique qualifications have made him an excellent sales manager for Press And Journal's 5-person sales team. Dave is a versatile sales manager and client advocate and truly enjoys making connections and delivering unparalleled customer service.

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Julianna Sukle
Creative Director

Julianna Sukle is an award-winning and highly skilled multidisciplinary designer & art director with over 15 years of experience in the field of graphic design. Julianna has worked the gamut of clients (Guggenheim Museum, Ralph Lauren, American Cancer Society & NYC’s 92nd Street Y to name a few) and although her skill-set is vast, her greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of brand identity design, content creation, social media, interactive design and print collateral. She also loves false eyelashes and caffeine.

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Tina Rinehart
Senior Account Executive
(717) 421-3247

Like you, Tina Rinehart wants to live in a world where what you do makes a difference. She believes her job isn’t about selling advertising space. Rather, it's about what advertising can do for her clients. As advertising representative for Woman Newspapers and Little Pink Pages, Tina works closely with her clients to achieve a common goal: to build business and brand image. Her remarkable 20+ year career has always involved sales, marketing and customer service. What distinguishes her from others in her field is that she often takes on roles outside of her normal job duties and provides support to her clients. On her own time, Tina lives in Middletown with her husband, youngest son and a ragtag family of adorable canines.

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Deb Baer Becker

Deb advocates for women’s breast health, and writes about surviving breast cancer and every day life. She’s writing a book about her years as a young airman working with the USAF Thunderbirds.  She holds an MFA in writing from Pacific University. She’s the proud mom of two adult children, and two rescued dogs. Although Deb lives in Cypress, Texas, she still dreams of her native Pennsylvania’s rolling hills and cut-away fields. Deb’s Mom and cousins live in Harrisburg. Deb’s been writing for Woman Newspapers since 2008.  

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Kathryn Baxter

Kathryn Baxter is a writer living in Brooklyn with her wife and their two ridiculous cats. With her share of the New American Experience (a lifestyle-defining amount student loans – hers from a graduate degree in social theory), Baxter has spent the last decade-plus working full-time and freelance in roles such as project manager, editor, copy writer, team leader, domestic violence case manager and babysitter (not in that order). Baxter writes here and other places in the hopes of inspiring and entertaining readers with stories and ideas using either her own experiences or those conjured up in her imagination.

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Katie Etter Jenkins

Katie Etter Jenkins was born with Press & Journal newspaper ink in her veins. She stuffed newspapers when she was a teenager (way back when one had to do these things by hand) & had articles published as well. She is a Penn State Harrisburg graduate with a degree in elementary education. She is a stay at home mama, chauffeur, personal chef & organizer. She loves her family, vinyl records, cooking, gardening, the New Orleans Saints & a clean house. Katie is very excited to get back into the writing swing of things - she has lots to say!

Katie lives in Lake Wynonah, in the mountains of PA, with her husband Troy & two gorgeous daughters, Maya & Charley.

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Erika Farber

Erika Farber is a culinary arts graduate and 22 year veteran of the New York City restaurant and hospitality industry. In addition to her job in event sales management, Erika also runs her own shop on Etsy selling seasonal preserves, pickles and flavored salts, and volunteers for the not-for-profit food rescue organization City Harvest. She is an enthusiastic trivia participant, enjoys listening to NPR while cooking, and loves palindromes, pierogis and mascara. Erika has spent many years navigating the adventurous and challenging world of finding love in the Big Apple, and all of her online dating pictures are recent.

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Brenda Tadych

Brenda is a graduate of Harrisburg Area Community College, and works full-time outside of the writing world. Always looking for that silver lining, she gave birth to her first six pages of “serious” writing while on hold during a phone call to the unemployment office in 2011. She has freelanced ever since, and in addition to her column in Woman, has been published in the Hummelstown Sun, The Patriot-News, and Wisdom-Magazine.com.  

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