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Donation complication

It’s that time of the year again. Before we know it Uncle Sam will pay us back for overpaying into the system. We may decide to save …

Minorities, women, LGBT, veterans, people with disabilities

State wants small businesses to apply

As part of his commitment to level the playing field for small and diverse businesses, Governor Tom Wolf announced on March 14 the launch of the Commonwealth’s Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) for …

High blood pressure

Are you one of the 50%?

People with readings of 130 as the top number or 80 as the bottom one now are considered to have high blood pressure, according to the guideline released last November by the American Heart …

Here's how to treat it

Signs of atrial fibrillation

Palpitations of the heart or uncomfortable sensations in the chest can be distressing. Thoughts of heart attack may come to mind, and that anxiety can only exacerbate the situation. While heart …

Prioritize your heart health

Recognizing the threat that heart disease poses is a great first step for women who want to avoid becoming one of the hundreds of thousands of women who lose their lives to heart disease each year. …

Food may be the culprit

Problem of pet obesity

Obesity is on the rise among pets. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention says that 54 percent of dogs and 59 percent of cats in the United States were categorized as overweight or obese in 2016. …

Essential tips for your health

Healthy, happy traveling

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note whether traveling to warmer weather or a snow-filled adventure, make sure flu is not your travel companion. It’s not too late to get a flu …

Your Guide To Caregivers in Central PA

Caregiver Guide 2018

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Sexual harassment old & new


By Louise Sukle lsukle@womannewspapers.com I came of age in the 60’s and 70’s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different,” wrote Harvey Weinstein after …

Here's what you can do

Collectively we can all play a part

The International Women's Day 2018 campaign theme is #PressforProgress.

My success story

The meaning of success

My name is Nexaida Rodriguez and I am excited to share my experience. Let me tell you about where my life was 3 months ago. I was living in Chicago, with my two kids – they’re 10-year-old …

Ask the hard questions

Taking opioids for pain?

Opioids often are the go-to pain killer for everything from back aches and injuries to post-surgical pain, as evidenced by the more than 300 million prescriptions written each year. While they can …

Take Metis home

Won't you be my friend?

Who IS that handsome orange gentleman? Why it's me, Metis! I've been described as "The Clark Gable of Cats" because I am so suave and good-looking, but Morris the Cat is actually more my style. …

Disproven & controversial

Breast cancer - know your risks

The American cancer Society reports there are many factors that research has shown are not linked to breast cancer. You may see information online or hear about these disproven or controversial risk …