Get creative on that grill!

Host a better-for-you barbecue

Get creative on the grill. An easy swap like chicken or pork instead of burgers and brats is an instant nutrition boost. Use wood chips or a marinade to create a main dish so tasty you'll forget it's …

Can WE help bring about friendlier politics?

Can't we all just get along?

At a divisive moment in our nation’s history, experts suggest that less-divisive politics start with finding common ground among those whose opinions differ from your’s. You can apply …

Don't argue just Give 'em up!

5 ‘healthy’ habits that aren't healthy

Your weight loss routine may actually be doing more harm than good.  Here are five so-called  “healthy” habits worth giving up, as well as better solutions.

Friend to women’s liberation for over 100 years

Women on wheels

“Riding the wheel, our own powers are revealed to us,” wrote Maria E. Ward in her 1896 how-to book, Bicycling for Ladies. Maria fell in love with the bicycle and the liberation it …

Not your run-of-the-mill meals

Simple sheet pan suppers

At times, spending hours in the kitchen can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. However, even for avid home cooks, a busy weeknight isn't one of those times. Fortunately, solutions like sheet pan …

A world of slams, whips and blocks

They love roller derby and it loves them back

I recalled seeing local women’s roller derby teams raising funds for LGBT organizations. I saw a parallel in challenging our gender norms: Adam Rippon’s figure skating - the softness …

Research published by Hershey Med Center

Local art 'humanizes' hospital rooms

Patients’ perceptions of the hospital they’re being treated in may be improved by the type of artwork hanging in hospital rooms, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers. …

Your Guide To Caregivers in Central PA

Caregiver Guide 2018

Our family of publications

Not trying to be anyone but yourself

PUBLISHER'S NOTE - July/Aug 2018

By Louise Sukle I remember being young and hating being taller than all the other girls - and most of the boys. I used to slouch for group photos and dread slow …

Protect your hair color - save time, money AND look great

If you color your hair regularly or are interested in a new look, you may wonder how you can prolong your hair care investment. To keep hair color looking shiny, vibrant and the right hue for as long …

Food may not be the best thing to do

Soothing that fussy baby

​​A program/intervention to help first-time moms respond to their infants when they're drowsy, sleeping, fussy resulted in children having lower body mass indexes (BMIs) when they were three …

Open your heart and home

Give Gray a chance at life

Are you a warm-hearted human looking for companionship and long term commitment?Then look no further because I'm the cat for you! My new name is Gray. I am 9 years old and not so lucky to be with …

Weekly distribution in Harrisburg

Collecting items for "Blessing Bags"

MCC of the Spirit, 2973 Jefferson Street, Harrisburg, is collecting items to put in Blessing Bags to be given to the homeless in downtown Harrisburg every week.

Record number seek senate seats

Women candidates flood campaigns

After filing deadlines in 38 States passed, a record number of women have filed as major party candidates for the U.S. Senate in 2018, according to The Center for American Women and Politics . As …

Lancaster YWCA announces

2018 Women of Achievement Honorees

YWCA Lancaster has announced the six honorees for the Women of Achievement Awards.